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How it all began…
HealthQuest Therapeutics was founded in Houston, Texas in 2008 and has evolved from a hospital pharmacy management company to a major provider of comprehensive health care services in the greater Houston region.

Founded in 2008, HealthQuest Therapeutics was formed by two generations of pharmacists with a combined experience of over 45 years. Together, they created a pharmacy unlike any other- one that solely focused on the health of their patients with the ability to adapt to the evolving advancements in medicine. An unparalleled, comprehensive healthcare company, HealthQuest offers its patients advanced therapeutic options including infusion therapy, specialty medications and compounding. The pharmacy continues to grow to match the needs of a growing disparity –difficulty acquiring specialty medications –in patients suffering from unique chronic health conditions. At HealthQuest, these specialty and compounded medications are now more accessible than ever and allow patients to receive the most innovative and cost-effective treatments possible all under one roof. As we continue to grow, so does our focus on patients and providing them with the best quality care possible.

Patient-Centric. Always.

HealthQuest Therapeutics is a healthcare company with many facets, but providing patients with effective, high quality medication is our one true goal. We are concerned with the well being of each patient as an individual rather than producing generic medications for all. Our pharmacy offers a personalized medication experience- where past medical history, treatment options and availability of specialty medications are all taken into consideration. We believe a shared effort between patients, pharmacists and physicians results in the best possible patient outcomes. HealthQuest pharmacists stay actively involved in patient care by following up with patients and informing physicians of their patients’ status. Our focus is on you and your health; let us show you what it means to provide outstanding care.

Experience Matters.

HealthQuest Therapeutics devotes themselves to providing the greatest patient outcome and clinical excellence. With a history caring for patients in hospitals, our staff is well trained and fully capable of handling your most difficult medication needs. Our dynamic team of pharmacists is comprised of individuals with diverse healthcare backgrounds and together we aim to provide the exceptional and quality care you expect when it comes to medication delivery.

More Than Just Your Therapy Provider.

We are not just a pharmacy. We don’t simply dispense medications. We are a healthcare company, we are educators, we are your friends. We work with you on a personal level to make sure you are receiving the right therapy for your needs and that you know how to administer it. We understand that your health is important –that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure the specialty medications you need are manufactured with high quality components, always in stock, and easily administered with the help of our medically-trained professional staff.


HealthQuest Therapeutics is dedicated to achieving optimal patient health outcomes by providing patient-centric, high-quality services to patients and physicians. We strive to provide the most efficacious, cost-effective and up-to-date care consistent with the evolving opportunities the healthcare field presents, while exceeding the needs of our patients.

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