Our full-service pharmacy can prepare all of your prescriptions. Allow our experienced pharmacists to talk to you about your medications and answer any of your questions.

HQRX-1HealthQuest Pharmacy offers patients multiple dose packaging, delivery options as well as the personal touch of a privately owned pharmacy. We do more than dispense your medications- we educate you on health conditions as well as medication side effects through consultations and literature. Our pharmacists work hard to ensure that you are receiving the right dose of your medication and genuinely care about your health- our focus is on preventing medication errors and acting as your advocate. We also offer free deliver of all medications throughout the Houston territory- we strive to make your life easier!

HQ Easy Meds- Convenient Multi-Dosed Packaging System

HealthQuest Pharmacy is one of the only pharmacies in the Houston area with the TCGRx Machine, a machine that packages all your medications into small daily pouches, labeled for convenient medication administration.
“All medication for one administration time is contained in an easy-to-carry pouch, eliminating cumbersome vials”

Patient Benefits

  • Easier to remember to take the correct medication at the right time
  • All pills (even vitamins) that have the same dosage time can be packed in one pouch
  • Medications can be organized by date and time and for 30-, 60- or 90-day supply
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome daily reminder pill boxes
  • Easy-to-read labels, easy-to-open tear pouches
  • One pouch makes taking medication on-the-go easy for you
  • Convenient for organizing children’s medications
  • Helps elderly patients manage their own health conditions

Improved Compliance

  • The number one problem in treating illnesses today is the patient’s failure to take prescription medications correctly, regardless of patient age.
  • 10% of all hospital admissions are the result of patients’ failure to take prescription medication correctly.
  • 23% of all nursing home admissions are due to patients failing to take prescription medications accurately.
  • At any given time, up to 59% of those on five or more medications are taking them improperly.
  • Approximately two-thirds of all patients fail to take any or all of their prescription medicines.


  • Reduces medication errors
  • Provides easy-to-read labels
  • Keeps all Rx information with the package


  • Travel friendly
  • Single-dose or multi-dose packages available
  • Large multi-dose packages which hold up to 15 medications

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